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Wine For All

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Learning about wine is not just learning about fermented grape juice, it’s learning history, geography, agriculture and so much more. 
This course is a voyage into the mesmerizing world of wine…
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • The main wine regions.
  • How to pair wine with food.
  • How to taste wine.
  • How to buy wine wine.
  • How to read a wine label.
  • ...and so much more!

So let’s raise a glass and get started - Cheers!


Course contents

Myrna Elguezabal

WSET Advanced Certification
& Spanish Wine Scholar Certification.
My name is Myrna Elguezabal and I love so many things, but WINE is definitely up there on my list along with autumn sunset, a good book, precious time with family, endless nights with friends, traveling the world, learning to play the Ukulele and feeling the wind on my face.
I fell in love with wine many years ago while living in Barcelona (shout out to my forever adopted home!) and have been studying, tasting and exploring all things wine ever since.
I have a WSET Advanced Certification & Spanish Wine Scholar Certification.
I invite you to discover the fascinating world of wine in a very easy, dynamic, and fun way through my courses.

Course reviews

I am so happy I bought this course! I was very intimidated to get into a wine course because I do not had any experience or knowledge in wine but this course helped me overcome my fear. It was fun , very knowledgeable and easy to learn! THANK YOU for making this class so easy to LOVE wine.

Sarai Olivares
Fabulous course for people who are interested in wine and don’t know where to start! It’s a comprehensive yet casual course, very dynamic and with great resources. The wine lingo sheet was very useful!

Arnaud C.
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